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Copywriting courses for small business owners

Galloway Media in association with Copywriting Training Ltd

The copy (the words on your website) is essential to your SEO (search engine optimisation). Without well-written copy, your website won’t perform properly on Google and won’t appeal to your prospective customers.

With these short copywriting courses, you can learn how to write effective copy and boost your website’s performance yourself. These copywriting courses have been developed specifically for small business owners. They’re low-cost and contain a wealth of useful information. You can enrol today for just £115.00!

Galloway Media is working in association with Copywriting Training Ltd to deliver these short online copywriting courses. Copywriting Training Ltd is an established and reputable UK-based specialist copywriting training company.

Which copywriting course?

There are three copywriting courses for you to choose from. Follow the links below to download the course prospectuses:

You study online and have a full year’s access to the course. Why not download the course syllabuses and find out what’s included?

SEO Copywriting Course

If you update and manage your own website, this SEO copywriting course is essential. You’ll learn about SEO and how to write effectively for your website. The course is written in easy-to-understand plain English and is essential for every small business owner who has a website.

Introduction to Copywriting Course

This is a copywriting foundation course and is ideal for everyone involved in business writing. You’ll learn all the secrets and tricks of the trade used by professional copywriters. The course teaches you all the basics of copywriting and will help boost your marketing, and ultimately increase your sales.

Press Release Writing Course

Every company has news stories which they can use to promote their business. This press release writing course will teach you how to write an effective, professional-standard press release and how best to send it to the media you want to target.

These copywriting courses each take about 12 to 15 hours to complete. You study online so all you need is a computer and an internet connection. It couldn’t be easier!

Start making the most of your website today. Give me a call on 07824 770968 if you’d like more information or download the syllabuses now . Why not enrol online for your copywriting course now?