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Social media coaching in the Rhins of Galloway

Would you like to increase your sales, brand awareness and promote your business easily and at low cost? Using Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, you can do just that.

With a wealth of experience and having great success using social media for my holiday home business here in the Rhins of Galloway, I can help you master the art of online marketing too. With my support, coaching and advice, you’ll quickly learn to promote your business using social media.

Ten years of sales and marketing experience in medical sales has given me the knowledge and expertise to establish and grow my own business effectively here in the Rhins of Galloway. Now you can benefit from my marketing skills with one-to-one social media coaching.

Get in touch today for an informal discussion on how social media can benefit your business. The number’s 07824 770968 or I’m just an email away.

Why use social media?

Bright ideas, Rhins of Galloway, social media, South West ScotlandSouth West Scotland, and in particular the area round the Rhins and Machars, benefits from wide open spaces, little industry and a low population. While this makes it a wonderful place to live, it also means a restricted market for your business.

Businesses in the remote parts of Dumfries and Galloway have to work harder to reach their markets and that’s where social media comes in. With over 1.5 billion people using social media today, can you afford not to tap into this rich vein of prospective customers?

Promoting tourism with social media

The Rhins of Galloway and the Machars are popular tourist destinations and tourism is essential to the economy of this part of South West Scotland. But advertising and promoting a tourism business can be expensive and have unpredictable results.

Social media allows you to market your holiday accommodation or tourist venue directly to the people who count. Every person you engage with on social media is a potential holidaymaker! Social media will help you increase occupancy rates, fill last-minute bookings and cancellations and create more awareness than you ever thought possible.


Facebook isn’t just for kids! It is a powerful platform which will help you promote your business. I will show you how to engage with potential customers, keep in touch with existing ones and attract fans to your Facebook page.

With one-to-one coaching, I will help you set up your Facebook page, show you how to share and promote it, and how to use it to build your business. With my help you’ll get your business seen and promoted clearly and effectively.

My own Facebook pages constantly achieve a wide audience and constant engagement with prospective customers. Would you like to do the same?


Blue Sky, Rhins of Galloway, South West ScotlandTwitter is a powerful brand-builder and used correctly, will  help you promote your business and increase your sales. I successfully market my own holiday home business through twitter and gain business and new customers through the power of the tweet.


Pinterest is fast growing social media platform and can be used to promote your business here in the Rhins or Machars of Galloway. I can show you how to create boards, how to pin, how to follow and share pins so you get your business seen by the people who count.

I am also available to advise and assist you with the use of other social media platforms such as Google+ and Linkedin.

If you want to increase your sales and market your business to the millions of people who use social media, contact me today. Ask me for a no-obligation quote tailored your needs and specific to your market and audience. The number is 07824 770968 or you can send you social media coaching enquiry by email.