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Small business websites in Dumfries and Galloway

Based close to Stranraer in the stunning Rhins of Galloway, Galloway Media creates small business websites for companies across Dumfries and Galloway and the South West of Scotland.

As a small business, your website should be an essential part of your marketing strategy, helping spread awareness and working for you to increase your enquiries and sales. Our team at Galloway Media specialises in building affordable websites that grow with you as your business develops.

If your business is based in the Rhins of Galloway, the Machars, in South West Scotland or beyond, speak to us here at Galloway Media for:

When you run a business in South West Scotland, having a powerful online presence is essential. The more remote your location, the more vital it is to market yourself online. Contact me today by email or by phone on 07824 770968 to find out more about promoting your business across Dumfries and Galloway and beyond.

Affordable small business website templates

With Galloway Media, you can choose from our range of affordable small business website templates and start to develop your internet presence. All our website templates are designed to be added to and developed over time. This keeps your initial costs down, but ensures your website investment stands the test of time.

Affordable tourism business websites

Ardwell Gardens, Rhins of Galloway, South West ScotlandDo you have holiday homes in South West Scotland? Perhaps you need a website for your hotel or B&B. As the owner of a very busy holiday cottage near Portpatrick, I have a particular interest in promoting tourism in the Rhins, the Machars and other parts of Dumfries and Galloway.

Find out how Galloway Media can help you promote your tourism business today. Visit our affordable tourism business websites and social media support pages now. Alternatively, why not drop me an email I’d be delighted to chat about how we can work together to promote your tourism business in Dumfries and Galloway.

Bespoke websites

If you need something more individual, speak to me about our bespoke website service. My experienced website designers will work with you to build a site exactly to your specifications. And if writing isn’t your idea of fun, we have skilled SEO copywriters on hand to make sure your new site is word perfect.

Scottish website and email hosting

When you choose Galloway Media for your website design, your site and email hosting is managed for you. Our hosting company is an independent and has been carefully selected for its level of service and reliability.

And because we like nothing better than flying the flag, our hosting company is also based in Scotland. Of course, they’re not in Dumfries and Galloway, but Edinburgh’s near enough for us!

For all you techies – your website will be on a “turbo plus” hosting account, which has ten times the server resources you could expect from a standard account. This means your website visitors will enjoy better and more consistent response times as they navigate your site. In addition, all “turbo plus” accounts are backed up automatically every day. Did we mention we don’t charge any more for hosting than the average standard website company?

Want to know more? You can email your website enquiry or give me a call on 07824 770968. Don’t make a decision about developing your small business website until you’ve spoken to us here at Galloway Media.