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How Galloway Media was born!

How Galloway Media was born!

I am really pleased to say that my new web site, Galloway Media, was launched on Monday afternoon at 3pm. My first audience and those to see it first were my Facebook page fans and this is set to post on Twitter too. What an amazing response in just a few hours! On Monday my new web site received 304 page hits! That just goes to prove that marketing your business through social media channels really does work.

Portpatrick, Rhins of Galloway, South West ScotlandSo how was Galloway media born? As some of you already know I am co owner of a holiday cottage business near Portpatrick and use social media to market this business. Many of our guests initially liked or followed us on our Facebook page or @kirklauchline on Twitter and many of then interact on a regular basis on both our Facebook page and Twitter accounts. Our 2013 availability was booked up so quickly this year and 2014 bookings are starting to come in too so Portpatrick holiday cottage is a great success story.

I regularly post my photographs on social media and it was one day that a lady from Ireland sent me a message to ask if she could buy one of my prints of Portpatrick as a canvas. I was so pleased that someone wanted to adorn their wall with my work.

Since then I have sold many prints, one canvas even went to Canada. I developed my photography Facebook page and Twitter account and since then I have photographed two lovely holiday cottages for their owners to use on their web sites, I have photographed some gorgeous King Charles Spaniel puppies and lots more. My photography business, which started as a hobby, started to grow through the power of social media.

Then I got thinking that, maybe, I can add social media services to my portfolio and help other local business owners to attract more customers too. I am regularly giving advice on how to attract more likes, how to schedule posts, how to interact on Facebook and I have recently set up a Facebook page for a lady and attracted almost 100 likes in just a few weeks.

Things moved from strength to strength, ideas were flying around in my head – how about web sites too! I developed both our holiday cottage web site and my husbands surveying web site and I understand the needs of local businesses here in the Rhins of Galloway so why not develop the whole media services here in South West Scotland. So here I am! I am now working officially on my first web site as Galloway media with the backing of my website development team.

I hope you like my first official blog and once you have read it have a good look around the rest of my web site. If I can help you in any way then do get in touch. Maybe you need photographs to showcase your business or your product, you might need help getting more likes and more business through Facebook or you may need Twitter coaching or you might need a new web site to show the whole world what you are all about and attract new business.

I look forward to hearing from you (by the way, you can still get in touch even if you don’t live here in this wonderful corner of south west Scotland! The website I am currently working on is a Yorkshire based business!).